IKIA / OIKIA (greek)
house / home
IKIA singular / IKIES plural

Object, Feminine:
the home, the shelter where one lives and feels familiar

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IKIES 3 is a residential complex built with a strong sense of environmental consciousness and character. Our love for the planet has led us to use modern ecological practices.

The careful architectural design inspired us to incorporate environmentally friendly buildings into the construction style with large openings and atriums for natural lighting and ventilation, which were lined with high-quality insulating materials.


your home away from home

Both the reuse of excavated soil and the employment of local craftsmen are just a small sample of our philosophy. We equipped the complex with modern ecological air conditioning systems, installed hot water supply systems using solar energy, covered the roof with photovoltaics.

We invested in smart ways to save energy, installed an energy fireplace in IKIA Alfa, high energy class electrical appliances, recycling bins in all residences, and a fast charging station for electric cars in the parking lot.

Our philosophy was based on the use of natural materials such as cotton, coconut fibers, natural rubber for fabrics and herbs for personal hygiene items.

ikies lines light


Modern Ecological Architecture

linear two-story houses in a row, oriented to the sea

parallel walls of visible concrete, between which each residence is defined

glass slits in the ceilings, bring natural lighting to the staircase and in general to the residence, emphasizing the linear development of each residence and offer visual escapes in all dimensions, they act as a connecting element between the floors

white cubes on the floor, cantilevered, keeping a distance from the exposed concrete walls

materials : exposed concrete / metal / white plaster

The residences are characterized by the permeability of the single space of the ground floor. On the 2nd and 3rd residence the entrance was placed in the backyard, with the visitor entering the kitchen-dining-living room under the slit in the roof of the upper level, facing the view towards the sea. 

The living room visually extends to the front porch, as the glazing that occupies the entire width of the space allows the boundaries between the interior and the exterior to be lost. Suspended metal steps against the exposed concrete wall lead up to the two upstairs bedrooms. 

The master bedroom is on the sea side, with glass curtains spanning the entire width of the room, taking advantage of the view to 100%. The terrace is surrounded by walls, protecting the privacy of the occupants, while creating a volumetric flare in the view.

Access to the corner house is from the road on the east side. On the ground floor, the single kitchen-dining-living room area ends in a corner window that extends the panoramic view to the sea.

There are 3 bedrooms on the first floor, while a linear terrace is created along the entire length of the house in continuity with the front one. A perforated wall of ceramic fibers placed at the edge of the exterior along the east side acts as a privacy filter, emphasizing the linearity of the residence.

Each residence was provided with a small swimming pool, which were placed in the garden towards the sea, while the fence of the plot has a low height, so that the view is not obstructed even from the ground floor level.